Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Socktober Fest?

I suck at Socktoberfest. It is officially ending today and I have nothing to show you. O.K. I did finish one sock. I didn't even cast on for the other one yet. They are the broadripple socks that my mom told me she didn't want. I want them. The one I finished is snug but I'm keeping it. I'm not sure if finishing the one sock counts since I started it in like June. Five months for one sock. That works out to about one pair per year. I have come to find, by participating in this celebration, that I am not a prolific sock knitter. Not that I don't like it. I really only knit socks while traveling or at
U of M hockey games. Well, I knit socks while traveling if I don't have another project that I have a deadline for - often self imposed. I am giving you these pictures that I took from a sock website since I have not picture of the finished single sock.
Happy Halloween Everyone.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Princess of Quite A Lot

Not only am I the winner, I now own my own spinning and weaving store! As I told my friend Dana today, just call me princess.
O.K. so the website is a little....well let's just say it could use a little of my touch. I'd like it to be less wordy and more simple. And maybe more girly. And colorful.
Enough about the website already. By the end of December I hope to have things posted for sale but until then if you are looking for something email me or call me and I can stick it in the mail for you.
The first thing I want to do is rearrange the shop a little. There are bags and bags and bags of fleeces and fiber and roving and I need to figure out a better display for them. I will have pictures of this as it progresses. I'll take some tomorrow.
It was a good first day though because I sold my first wheel. It was the Baynes. Not my very favorite but the lady loved it and it will be living in Georgia.
You should see all the silk, and the angora, and the cashmere. It's like heaven for me in there. And it's mine.
The first Tuesday of the month is going to be Fiber Free For All. It's just a project night where anyone can come and work on anything. I plan to have some snacks and warm stuff to drink.
O.K. I have to get in the shower. I'm stinkin' myself out. Like anybody needed to know that.
Good Night.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

48 Things You Could Care Less About



My Grammy who everyone calls Maggie but when I was born my mom didn't think Maggie was good for a little kid - old lady name she said - so I'm Beth because my middle name is Elizabeth.
Happy cry or sad cry? Happy on Saturday at Rhinebeck when I saw all of the ribbons on m shawl. Sad, also about a week ago, about my second daughter Chelsea who thinks she has to do everything in her life the hard way.
Not at all. Very messy. Couldn't do much about it when I was younger and have no inclination to fix it now.
Honey Ham if it has to be lunch meat. I like it a little warmed up though. Maybe a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.
Yes siree. I'm hilarious - at least my friend Angie in Buffalo thinks so. My kids are somehow unamused.
I own a journal. Am I supposed to write in it too?
I'm terribly afraid of heights.
Stone cut oatmeal that I have to cook for 45 minutes. Crap! I forgot to get that yesterday.
Not unless it's necessary. Actually I can't think of any shoes I wear regularly that have any ties.
Stubborn may be more like it. If you want to know physically, I think I can do 2 pushups and no pullups.
It changes but right now Cherry Garcia and Sweet Cream ice cream with strawberries, graham crackers and chocolate chips from Cold Stone. If it has to be ice cream for a group I'm going for butter pecan. From the looks of that answer I think I think too much about ice cream which could be the source of the roundness.
Red if I have to choose and both if I don't.
Procrastination. Quick temper. Maybe I should procrastinate on my temper.
My friend Angie and my sister.
Do I want every one to fill it out? Heck, yeah.
White pajamas in my bed. This new laptop could be the last straw to my house being called a disaster area by the state of Michigan.
Popcorn at the movies.
Kids running around downstairs and a lot of quiet.
Clean laundry, lilacs and vanilla.
The lady I'm buying the shop from.
Sense of humor, warmth, and hands.
26. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON you stole THIS from?
Kate from Aastrikke? I love her even though we've never formally met. I think we were roommates in a past college life.
Hot Chocolate. Rooibos Tea. Warm Cider
knitting mixed with hockey - yes I knit at the games and I've gotten some minor crap for it. I don't care.
Maybe 22 inches. I have a hard time measuring myself.
No. I wear glasses but they're pretty weak and I think I might be stupid about putting contacts
Lobster in all its forms - on bread, in the shell, in casseroles, as stuffing...
Happy endings, andy kind. I hate to be scared. I'm scared of it.
Winter/Fall/Spring. Basically I hate to be hot. You can always put on another sweater but at some point you have to stop taking clothes off.
36. HUGS OR KISSES? Both from my honey or the little kids,
My family is not very touchy so I'm not either unless I can see that the situation calls for a hug. Pennsylvania Dutch you know.
Creme Brulee I think or cake or ice cream or pie, or anything that has to do with cake or ice cream or pie or Creme Brulee
Currently trying to finish The Great Influenza. My great grandmother died in that outbreak in 1917 and it's very interesting.
It's the one I just got in Rhinebeck with a sheep on it. Before that I didn't have one.
Nothing, we were at the Michigan hockey game and then went to the movies to see The Prestige.
43. FAVORITE SOUNDS? Quiet, Maggie playing the piano as only a 5 year old can, Maggie and Ryan laughing. Brittney's voice when she calls on Sundays and Chelsea's voice if she calls.
Beatles. What kind of question is that? When I was 15 I had a stereo that recorded 8 tracks and the local radio station had 24 hours of beatles songs one day. I think I recorded 10 hours of it on 8 track. I also had almost all of their vinyl albums. Unfortunately some were destroyed when my sister took them to college. Thanks Tammy!


London, England. It was a fabulous 10 day trip complete with business class seats on the plane.

I can learn almost anything by reading a book. I also can bring a little humor to tense situations.
Pottstown, Pennsylvania
I stole it from Kate who stole it from Cara.
Where is number 34? It seems to have been misplaced.
Now I have a favor to ask of anyone who went to Rhinebeck. There was a vendor there who was selling little wooden spinning wheel lamps. I need one for the store. I almost bought one and then never went back. I have been all over the internet trying to find the guy and can't even remember then name of the shop. I think they were in the very back barn that kind of was off by itself. Anybody remember? I sure would appreciate the help.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Do You Think the Blues Brothers Would Come?

Just a short story for today.

While I was gone to Rhinebeck my charming husband went to the UofM hockey game. He left our children with my very good friend Dana. (Who by the way has been my great advisor along with Kelle throughout this "I'm getting my own spinning store" adventure.)

Dana, a new gramma, loves Maggie and Ryan and loves to talk to them. Somehow Maggie was talking and told Dana that she was going to have a harmonica party. Dana, not being sure what you do at a harmonica party couldn't help but ask. She was hoping to bring her Kazoo.

"Maggie, what do you do at a harmonica party?"

"You light eight candles."

"Where did you hear about this?"

"The blue kangaroo guy on Blues Clues."

So everyone, the holidays are approaching. Get your knitting done and Happy Harmonica.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Yarnbeck Stuff and a Lovely Surprise

O.K. I stole the Yarnbeck thing from Kate because I laughed outloud. On to the loot.
I want to tell you all that this spindle was really the only thing on my list of things to buy. I failed at sticking to the list. The fleeces don't count though because they are for the store. Anyhoo.
Somebody told me last year before I went to Rhinebeck not to get a Goldiong Spindle because they aren't very balanced. I did not feel confident enough a year ago to try them out so I just took her word for it. All year I have regretted it. When I got there this was the first thing I got. I tried out several in different weights and had a hard time deciding. Not only were they ALL balanced but they spin forever. And beauty to boot.
This is lovely and soft and colorful and beautiful. It's called Phoenix blend from Shadeyside Farm. It has alpaca and silk and merino and some sparkley stuff. I really love it. As the guy was packing it up for me - I got 8 ounces - he told me how it came to be. They were getting ready to come to the festival and had their fibers in a room in the house. While they were off doing other things the dog decided to help. He tore out all of the fibers into a nice pile on the floor. I'm not sure though if the dog's name is Phoenix or if it's just that suckers like me will buy anything rising from the ashes. It does spin up nicely though.
A few patterns from Briar Rose. I wanted some more yarn but since I bought some in Alleghan and haven't even wound it yet I decided to just buy a few patterns and order the yarn later.

And last but not in the least bit, umm, least, my Spinning Roving Swap Package has arrived. I love it all. I think Gina and I have been friends before and I'm not aware of it. She sent perfectly beautiful stuff. Ingeo and wool and merino and silk and a lovely little cascade spindle to spin some laceweight. Oh, don't forget the Chocolate AND made by her own talented hands some beautiful little stitch markers peaking out from behind the note. Love.

O.k. Boston Legal's coming on and I have been talking too much to you people over the last few days. Don't worry, I'll be in touch. I think I'm taking over the Spinning Loft on Monday. WooHoo!


Sara left this morning. I hope she had a good time. She definitely went home a lot more broke than when she came.
The stranger in the picture is my charming husband. He took her to the airport because he loves me and they had to leave before 7AM.
I will now attempt to show you what I came home with.
I took too many pictures and now I can't put them all on this post so you're in for another one very shortly but be'll start with what I could load.

This is some beautiful roving from Cloverleaf Farms. The pink is Blue Faced Leicester and the orange is Silk and Wool. I think it was a little overpriced but I loved the way it was displayed and I think I might be copying from them just a little in the shop.

Here are my lovely sheepskin earmuffs and souvenir sweatshirt. I'm not a big sweatshirt girl to go out but I sure do love the warmth when I'm home in the winter. I needed the earmuffs because I think they'll lok good with my dressy coat when a knit hat won't do.

This yarn is from Brooks Farm in Texas. I found myself at their booth several times each day so on Sunday I decided I should just get some. There's a sweater in the new book Knit Two Together that is called the Rowena Cardigan. I'm thinking of using this yarn for it. I don't have the book yet but I'm sure I'll be looking for room on the shelf for it soon. It's actually a little more pink than the picture shows and soft as a baby sheep's bottom.

Here's the Skaska loot. You knew I would. Galina's my hero. A little bit of Quiviut anyone? It's mixed with Merino and silk. Then there's the 2500 yards of laceweight yarn and a signed book.

I bought some handcream for me (not pictured) and some for Penny since there's a basset on it. I hope she loves it. Stop laughing I know all of you are bringing presents home for your dogs.

This yarn is from a little store we stopped at in Niagara Falls called the Knitting Habit. She's closing her store and going to online ordering only so there was a lot on sale. I also got all of these cutest sheep buttons. I have no idea what I'm going to use them for but ...you know.

Closup of the sheep.

I bought 3 Merino Fleeces from Ewe and Me. They are beautiful and very white. They are breeding for white fleeces and I think they are achieving their goals. The crimp on them is spectacular and I really don't know how you measure microns but I'm thinking this is pretty fine.

And then there's this. A mohair fleece from something Angoras. I can't remember them. I have their card downstairs but I'm very warm and I will get very cold if I get out of bed. You wouldn't ask me to do that would ya?
It's beautiful and soft and REALLY dirty. I have a lot of work to do on this one. If anybody has any advice about the best way to scour goat hair please let me know. In the mean time I will be googling it.

Watch out for the next installment. Only a few more pictures left.

Monday, October 23, 2006

This Is The Last One I Promise

So far two Rhinebeck posts and I'm still not done with Saturday. This is also where the picture thing gets stupid . Here are the last three pictures I have to show you. I love this Alpaca guy. I love that he's chewing on straw. Probably seen a farmer doing it and thought it looked cool. Cute.

The obligatory sheep picture. I cannot for the life of me remember which breed this one is. I love the face.

So, on Saturday I met a gabillion people and most of them I didn't write down so now I have lost all of the information that I thought was so safely in my head.

theere was Sandy, Norma, Leigh (who wasn't playing and I can't remember any blog info), and Paula.

Also, there was Jenny, Bethe - the hair wasn't that awful, Jenna, Brooke, Isela, Karen, Judy, and Fuschia Lucia.

And then there was Iris, Diane, Deborah, Liz, .....

O.K. lets face it. If I keep typing these links I'll have named almost everyone on the list Just go click on them all. They're great. There were some people I did not meet and those were the two people who would have given me a bingo so I could get in on the prize drawings. The guy at this booth told me to just cheat a little. Can't do it to Stitchy.

Saturday night after the Festival and after Morehouse we went back to our hotel and went to the courtyard to knit like we had planned. Well, I was spinning with the Little Gem I borrowed form the shop. A few people came out and sat with us and then a few more and it was a party. Lars was there, and Ed who gave me one of his own handspun wrist distaff, and Jim (I'm not sure if he has a blog), and Elizabeth and Diane and a really cute girl who I can't remember the name of right now - please comment really cute girl - Really Cute Girl's name is Carol from Go Knit in Your Hat . Thank you for commenting Really Cute Girl.
and a lady who just got her Robyn spinning wheel after a two year wait. I also can't remember her name. Told ya I stink at names.
I helped this lady just a tiny bit. She's a very new spinner. I can't believe she was willing to wait two years to start spinning. Amazing. Well she had gotten some fiber that day and was ready. I watched her a little bit. Told her some little things she could change and by the end of the evening she was spinning a pretty even thread. She's a natural. The whole experience also gave a boost to my teaching confidence since.... did I mention I'm getting my own spinning store?

Sunday was more of the same loveliness except that I forgot to put the memory card in my camera. All of the pictures I took of Galina, of the Merino wool lady from Ewe and Me Merinos, of the jugglers and the girl who got her sweater designs picked up by Nordstrom. All gone. I feel like crap about it but take my word for it. It was great fun. I want you all to come with me next year again. I have to start planning my next shawl though.
O.K. I hafta get going. We need to get on the road and I need a hot chocolate in the worst way. It looks like Rain all the way if we go through Canada and snow if we go through Ohio. I'm choosing Canada. I hope they aren't concerned about the amount of stuff in our car.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good Tidings of Great Joy

I have to talk about this whole thing in little shifts because I have so many pictures. I'm telling you all right now that I am the WORST person in the world to remember names. I tried to take good notes. Yeah, right. I have no idea, in most cases, what the crap I was talking about when I wrote the note. I'm going to do the best I can. If I am wrong please email me or comment so I can fix it.

These two pictures are of my winning skeins. I entered a wensleydale skein that is about a DK weight. It's the gray one. My laceweight cormo skein which you can hardly make out in the crappy picture got second. So far so good. I was just looking to get some good feedback on my spinning. Now don't get me wrong. I would not have been disappointed with any place but this was good. Two entries, two ribbons.

Then I cried.

First Place.

Best Knitted Article.

Best in Show.

I cried.

Then I bragged to anyone who I thought might stand still long enough.

I am the winner.

So that was first thing Saturday morning. Well, after we ate an egg sandwich from the 4H kids. Three bucks for breakfast including hot apple cider. delicious.

Here is Margene. I love her and her blog and the Twisted Knitters thing.

Cara from January One. You gotta go there about 12 times a day just to watch the header change.

I bought the most beautiful Bag from this lady. Diana Clark. Alpaca Bagworks. The bags are made from a beautiful quality leather with even a leather lining. Handy pockets for everything and to top it all off the fronts are all felted wool in lovely freeform designs. If you're looking for a new bag and have a little money check her out.

Bloggers galore at the meetup.

This is the view I looked at while I waited in line. For a Chicken Pot Pie. For 45 minutes.

It was delicious.

I am overjoyed with the events of the last few weeks. I am getting a spinning store of my very own complete with an extensive inventory. It is going to be a fun place to visit. Warm. Happy.

I went to Rhinebeck. Kelle got to come along. Sara had a great time. I met many of the people who's blog I read on a daily basis. I set up some contacts for myself and the store. I have an account now to carry Wild Fibers Magazine. I overspent but I now have three quality merino fleeces as well as a beautiful mohair fleece for the store.

This is definitely not a complete story of Saturday but I'm having some picture difficulties. There were plenty more bloggers who I met. And Saturday night was a blast. More about that later. I think blogger needs a rest.

You Wanted More?

Here's Stephanie in the fabulous shawl. She was molested at every turn - even by me. Although no physical touching took place. It was that shawl I tell ya.

Sara and Kelle. Waiting in line for that yummy pot pie.
Melanie Falick at Morehouse Merinos Oh, didn't I tell ya about that? After we left the festival we went on over there. Book signings. Snacks. Guests with starlike qualities. Stephanie was there too. I think she was stalking me. She just didn't talk to me because she was being all stealth about it.
Debbie Stoller. You all have her books right?
Betty Christiansen. She has a new book. Knitting for Peace. It's a lovely little book about charity knitting with patterns and addresses and everything.
Margaret Morehouse. Lovely woman. She tries to make everyone feel at home. I hope I am half the hostess she is.
Back there in the middle of the picture with the blue - sitting down is Amy Singer, you know, from Knitty. Right behind her is somebody Harlotty - in a good way.

This is Jillian. She is definitely rock star material. I was amazed that with all of the knitting celebrities in the room she was the one surrounded and smiling all the while. Quite cute I think.

I have to tell you that I met so many others. I have a couple more pictures and then I'm going to tell you all of the names I met but with no pictures because I begin to get all overwhelmed and forget about the photos. I also will be posting the stash enhancement. I still have so much to tell. All of this posting may not take place tomorrow. We still have another nine hours to drive tomorrow and then I probably need to visit with the fam.

We're at the Fairfield Inn tonight if anyone's interested. I have no window views for you because it was dark when we got here.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Holiday Inn - Not the Movie

We're resting up right now. Lots of walking coming up. Lots of carrying of bags. Lots of losing of self control.

Alright, here's what I wanted to show you yesterday and Blogger wouldn't let me upload the pictures.
Kelle brought Sara and I these Lantern Moon bags filled with goodies. It is a darling little bag. Perfect for a sock or mittens or even a little purse. It has the most beautiful satin lining too.


Here's what she put in it. Chocolate, cookies, black sheep tape measure and Mentos. I added some Ingeo fiber and a little soap shaped like a cupcake and smelling all gingerbready.


Here is a crappy picture of the hat I finished today. I like it a lot. I have plans of wearing it tomorrow with my circle sweater and my I'm a Square button on it. I'm worried though because it's supposed to be 50 tomorrow. Maybe too warm for a wool hat. We'll start the day that way and see what happens.

Yesterday I had a picture of Kelle so today here is Sara. Reading. You can usually find her knitting or reading. I read a lot when I was her age too. I still have desires to read but normally choose to spin or knit.

Here is our window view. Yesterday Niagara Falls and today Holidome. It's like an inside courtyard with a pool. I was thinking there would be hoards of knitters out there....

but, no.

Here is me taking pictures while driving in the rain at 65 miles per hour. The colors are lovely but it rained for the entire 6 hour drive today. And there were a lot of big trucks. I hate big trucks. I find them unpredictable. Scary.

Tomorrow I promise will be better. Bloggers and pictures of Bloggers and fiber and pictures of fiber. That is unless I'm overwhelmed by the whole thing and forget to take any pictures.
It could happen.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Not Going Over in a Barrel

Or any other way for that matter.

Here I am remote blogging from Niagara Falls. I got my new laptop because the super secret stuff is actually going to happen and the bank said
I could have some money to make it happen.
Wanna know. Oh, Ok. I'm buying my own spinning store. Complete wiht weaving stuff and about 12,000 pounds of wool and other fibers in all their forms. WOOHOO! I'll be working on the website soon to add some items for sale on the site.
This is the picture out our room window. That in the distance is the American Falls at Niagara Falls. It's been raining all day so that's the best shot you get. (The folded up bed is Sara's. She didn't want to sleep with either me or Kelle. Rude.)

There's Kelle.

I'm working on this hat to go with my circle sweater. I need a hat to for my "I'm a square" button. I'm using the basic hat instructions from Stephanie. I can never remember how to get that swirly decrease cutest top thing and she tells me how to do it in Kitting Rules.

Here is the CD that my most thoughtful secret pal sent me. I love it. We listened to it almost the entire 5 hour drive today. As you can see my most thoughtful pal thought so well of me that she told me her name on the return address label. I love her so much that I am ignoring it.

I tried to spell check this and lost half of my post so here it is with no spell check and I'll be back in a couple of minutes with the rest of my post.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Hurrier I Go The Behinder I Get

In honor of Socktoberfest (at which I have been failing miserably ) here is my sock stash. Socks that Rock, Claudia's, Koigu, Lorna's, Cherry Tree Hill, Sockotta - they're all there. Waiting. Impatiently.
I haven't even finished the sock I started 2 months ago for my mother. I'm talking about the first sock - not the pair. I don't even know if I ever posted a picture. They are supposed to be the Broadripple socks from Knitty. Cute. The first one is about 10 minutes from finished. The second one is about 6 years from finished considering I started the first one in the summer.

Here is some better news. Fetching. They are very fetching. That is the correct color but I couldn't get them to sit still long enough to get a clear picture. This yarn definitely doesn't show the cables but they are nice on the wrist and this particular yarn is handspun merino, silk and mohair. OOOhh, AAAhh.
Very soft.
I would definitely recommend this pattern. Quick, easy and delightful on your hands.

Here is Sara. No H please. We had dinner at Macaroni Grill. She ordered Spaghetti. Who orders spaghetti at Macaroni Grill. Her mom (my sister) said she's a girl who doesn't like change. I think she was right.
Tomorrow we have plenty of errands. Go to the bank for the last of the paperwork. Return a book I bought by accident at Borders. I didn't really buy it by accident. I just didn't look carefully enough at it before I bought it. I thought it was a book about websites but really, not.
After Borders, off to circuit city to buy a laptop! WooHoo!
Meijer for a phone charger since Sara forgot hers and also Gallon zip bags good for traveling. Go meet Nora. She was born on Sunday. 5 pounds 4 ounces. Cute as a button in the pictures. We won't stay long. She's new.
Then off to Threadbear. The kind of yarn store Sara has never seen in her life. Then stop at the spinning store on the way home.

Sometime tomorrow I have to clean the car, pack, pack my knitting, pack the car and did I mention Kelle's now going again!

Tonight I finished my laceweight skein for Rhinebeck. It's drying. I also reblocked Lilly to make her sides nice and even. She's drying.

Thursday night in the hotel I think I'll have to label and tie the skeins and label Lilly.
Holy Crap I have a lot to do.
I will be at the meetup on Saturday along with Kelle and Sara at 1:00 outside building E. See you there I hope.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hail to the Victors Valiant, Hail to the Conquering Heroes

This is where I was last night and tonight. University of Michigan Hockey. Last night they beat Alabama Huntsville and tonight they beat UConn.
Tonight's game was a bit surprising though. If I remember correctly, at the end of the first period it was 4-0. At the end of the second
period it was 6-3 and the final score was 7-5. The UConn guys really came back hard and I was impressed with the changes. Michigan still won and that's what's important here though.
Problem is, tonight UM is playing Penn State in Football. When that happens you gotta go with your home so it's Happy valley for me because if God wasn't a Penn State fan then why is the sky blue and white?

this is what I did while I was watching the game. The colors are bad because I took the picture at almost 11PM. That yarn is a lovely shade of purple handspun that I bought a couple of years ago before I even thought about spinning. That is going to be 1/2 of a pair of fingerless mits. The pattern I'm using is from Knitty Summer 2006 Called Fetching. I promise a better picture when they are done.

I promised a while ago - before I got sidetracked with super secret stuff that I would have pictures of the stuff I bought in PA when I was there 2 weeks ago.

This is a little scarf kit. Comes with the needles and the yarn is from Margaret Stove. It looked like a cute little kit although I think it was a little pricey. But hey...

Here are two skeins of sock yarn from Interlacements. I don't currently have a clue about the color since it's only a number on the band and I am too tired to run upstairs to check right now. If you wan to know ask and I'll look it up for you.

I love the colors and the picture is pretty true.

And a little kit to make a flock of cute felted sheep. You never know. I'm not sure what kind of wool it is because it was already wound up in the kit with no tag. It feels nice and I'm going to felt it anyway.

I am leaving for Rhinebeck on Thursday morning with my niece Sarah who's flying here on Tuesday from Colorado Springs. We are stopping in Niagara Falls overnight and then leaving ridiculously early on Friday morning to get to the fairgrounds in enough time to drop off my entries.

I entered a skein to 2 ply wensleydale in natural grey, a skein of laceweight (I haven't spun any yet that I think is worthy) and my Lily of the Valley Shawl. Wish me luck. Unless you are entering something yourself - then you don't have to.

Our other two traveling mates pooped out on us. Betty is going to a Navajo weaving class instead and Kelle sold her stinkin' house and can't go now.

I'm back and forth about a class I wanted to take because I don't want to leave Sarah alone for 3 hours while I go spin. Well I'll take a wheel and decide when I get there. The class I want could be sold out and then there's nothing to decide anyway.

I've saved my money for a Golding spindle and my plan is to get Sarah spinning before she goes back home. She's a great knitter. She taught herself from a book. She's fast as lightning and is already designing her own stuff. Amazing for a 19 year old. Her mom's blog is here with a picture of Sarah a little while ago.

O.k. I have to go to bed but I will try my hardest to have some knitting updates tomorrow.