Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pink and Orange - Do they go together?

In this post they do.

So I'm going to start with this beautiful stuff that Abby promised she'd make me more of if I would just spin it!

I got the batts from Peggy in the Spindle and Wheel Swap back in September along with some other stuff I've been hoarding. I took the orange batts to the shop and had them behind my desk where I would take them out and touch them and then put them down again. The color is fantastic. touches of light yellows, little bits of red and lovely creamsicley orange.
So....when Abby said she'd make more I had no more self control.
I had two batts. The yarn weighs about 3.8 ounces and I got 294 yards of two ply. It's beautiful. It think it's a wool/mohair blend. Maybe something else like a small amount of silk in there but I'm not sure. Abby told me again and I wasn't listening. ( I think I was thinking something like, "Abby Franquemont is talking to me like I'm smart and know stuff...")

Anyway. I think this is going to be a scarf. I love it! It's drying right now from its nice warm bath. Now the search for the perfect pattern begins.
Next up is the Rowena cardigan. I finished the button bands last night and went this morning to the Fabric Gallery in Williamston for ribbon and buttons. They've got the best selection of buttons anywhere. The owner is so patient and kind and just lovely to work with. AND if you sew the fabrics are delicious. I always go there first for trims and any other sewing stuff I need.

So then I needed photos. You would think it would be easy. It used to be when Brittney and Chelsea were home but now, not so much.

Maggie took that top one. I know they are sideways but I didn't feel like messing with them.
Maggie took this one, too.
And this one.
So then I thought I'd get Lou to do it. Hee, hee.
Also Lou. Not his fault about the bad hair though.Then I thought crazy Aunt Purl takes her picture in the mirror all the time. HA. She's better than me.
So flat on the bed here she is pre blocking. I love this sweater. I love the wide neck. I love the buttons - though that's not the designer's credit. I love the ruffly hems.
It's Rowena from Knit 2 Together. The 38" size. I used Brooks Farm Yarn that I bought at Rhinebeck in 2006 right before I bought the shop. I actually bought the yarn specifically for this project. And I got the gauge called for in the pattern with the needles they suggested. The never happens for me. Well, until now.

I still have 1 1/2 skeins left. That's like 700 yards!

The only think I would do differently is add two more buttons. I think they are spread out too much to wear it closed. Even though it's not that tight I get that opening between the buttons that makes it look like you're busting out of your clothes. I could try to lose 10 pounds I guess...

Anyhoo, Pink is the new black as far as I'm concerned and it matches everything. See how I'm wearing it with that green top? It works right? (Don't tell me no) I'm wearing this every day from now until March. Well, maybe not but maybe every other day.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008


I don't have much to write about even though things have been so busy lately but it's more of the same and I'm so close to finishing a sweater I'm knitting I really want to go do that right now. So...Here's a couple of pictures of some fooling around I did at the shop when I was supposed to be doing work before I left for Disney World. It's kid mohair plied with a strand of silk thread from Henry's Attic.

And the beauty shots in the snow. I'm not usually a fan of the thick and thin yarn but this stuff feels so soft and looks so pretty. Looks like mitten cuffs or a hat band or a sweater collar to me.

If you want to read something interesting go check out my sister's blog at She's hilarious. or Brittney's blog at

I'll be back with new sweater photos in a day or two.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Talent Galore

Now I need some time to gush please. You guys already think there's a lot of gushing going on, don't you? Well, I'm doin' it anyway. There are two teachers coming to my shop in the next couple of months. They are famous. I have their phone numbers. For me that's like if Johnny Depp gave me his phone number. I'm star struck and nervous that my spinning sucks and how can I spin in front of them but here they are.

Patsy Zawistoski is coming to teach in about 3 weeks. 2 fantastic classes. I am so excited to meet her. I am very excited to sit with her and watch her hands while she spins.

She has several spinning videos available but there's nothing like sitting next to a master spinner while they spin. (There's still room if you want to sit with me.)

Abby. Yup Abby Franquemont. You know, Abby's Yarns. She's coming to teach at my shop, too.
Here's the post where I talk about meeting Abby at SOAR. And even though I was her stalker all week she's brave enough to come and teach here in the same room with me!

The class descriptions my sister will be posting on the website tonight or tomorrow are right from Abby. Also, read between the lines of that teacher bio. She wrote it and also included the bio she'd like to include. I liked the second choice better but I'm not sure if I have permission to reprint it. It does give us a better idea of what kind of teacher she is. You can also check out all of her You Tube Videos. She's almost like a You Tube Star except with clothes.

O.K. I try not to have too much blatant shop promotion here but you all need to sign up for these classes if you are a spinner and have any possibility of getting here to Howell, MI. These girls are good. I know a lot of you missed it when Jenny was here and here's your chance to make it up.

AND there's a little tradition that's happening when teachers come to my shop. Wool Shop Sleepovers. We get lots of snacks and spin until late in the shop and just sleep over in the shop. Very fun and then you can join the Wool Shop Sleepover Group on Ravelry. Yet another reason to sign up for classes.

Also, I need to put a little plug here for Knit Michigan on February 2. It will be my first time as a real vendor so I'm very nervous but come out and support me and the very good cause. Check out the website. I think it's going to be great fun.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Books and a last look.

So I'm back from sunny Florida. It was a fantastic time. There are a few more photos coming on the end of this post but I wanted to first talk about a few books. Some new books came in while I was out and they are beautiful.
This one has beautiful photographs to inspire your spinning as well as some good basic spinning instruction and some yarn recipes. The yarns range from smooth to bumpy and from basic to art yarns. I took one of these for my own collection just for inspiration.
This is a book that looks very much like the spinning one but Creative Weaving of course looks at weaving. It focuses on fabrics made with a rigid heddle loom and they are stunning. The photography, again, is very inspiring. With color coordination this is another lovely book for your collecftion if you are a weaver. Handspun yarns can easily be substituted in many of the projects.
This book has evidently been out for some time but it's new to me. I looked at it for the first time yesterday and it was gone today so I'll be placing another order. This book has weaving projects for kids ranging from friendship bracelets to inkle to cardboard looms to making your own tapestry loom from pvc. It's a wonderful book with plenty of color photos and user friendly instructions. The person who took it home today will be using it with her 4H kids.

O.K. on to the Disney stuff.
There are no words. The kids each filled 3 autograph books with character signings. I know this was by far Ryan's favorite part of the trip.
I took the opportunity to take this picture when we had an early breakfast at the castle before the park opened.
Hee, Hee Breakfast with Pluto.
My little princess wishing on a star in Cinderella's castle.
This was one of the delicious dinners I enjoyed. Now after 10 days of eating like this my pants are tight. :-)

I don't have much else to say. I'm exhausted and feel a cold coming on but plenty of work to do to get ready for Knit Michigan and then Patsy Zawistoski and then Abby!

O.K. for those who are dying to see it here is a short rough video of my little pirate and princess.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Disney World Part 1!

So we've finished day 4 of our fantastically fabulous vacation. I have a huge amount of pictures and so I'm just putting a sampling here. It has just gotten better and better every day despite record cold weather here in Florida. But! Who can complain about 40 degrees when it's about zero degrees back home?There have been huge Gingerbread houses big enough for 2 people to be in.
There have been paintable desserts.
Princesses and characters and autographs and kisses from princesses.
You know if I'm there there are pictures of some fibery animals. I still have to look up this kind of sheep. The lady at the park said "middle eastern sheep" when I asked her what breed they are. Hmm. Never heard of those.
This is my delicious lunch at the Princess Tea Party Maggie and I attended.
This is Princess Aurora at the party. She's very delightful and taught all of the girls how to dance like a princess.
This morning was breakfast with Jojo, Goliath and the Little Einsteins Gang.
Of course there were more Characters and autographs and photographs and kisses.
We were chosen to be the Grand Marshall Family in the Disney - MGM Parade!
And then for a finale of the day the Osborne Lights.