Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy Day

It was a snowy day. Snow started about 5 AM and by 2ish it was over and we had over 10 inches of snow. during parts of the storm we were getting about 2 inches an hour. So there is a reprieve for most of tomorrow and then tomorrow night we will have more snow overnight - they're calling for another 4 inches or so.

I took advantage of the snow day...and forgot to work on school stuff with Maggie. but let me show you what I did.
Jody was looking for a person to block her shawl and somehow she found me from a reference and I can't remember how it went now. Anyway, she made the Wing O' the Moth Shawl by Anne Hansen. It's a pattern I bought the moment it was available and I've never knit it.. She knit it from some Briar Rose yarn (if I ma remembering correctly) - of which I am also a huge fan. So there it is all pinned out and lovely. I really do like it and want to run and start knitting it right away...but I can't.

So the ends need to be woven in and then I will put it in the mail for her on Monday and hope it makes in time for Jody to wear on Christmas day.
So after I had that shawl pinned out I got right to work and washed 14 ounces of Cormo and 10 ounces of black Merino. Both will be available on the website ready for the flicking and the spinning. I so love washing the wools. Lining up all of those locks just so and watching them get all beautifully clean. I just love it. And with all the complaining I do about Merino I am mostly griping about the mill prep stuff. Spinning wool from the lock that you've flicked yourself is just wonderful.
And, at this hour the Merino is on its last soak and I moved on to the new spindles. There are several cranky people letting me know I have been slacking in the online shop department so I took some photos today of the new Grafton spindles I just got and they are all there now.
It was a busy day and so busy that I never took even one photo of the huge snow.

So that was my snowy day. How was yours?

Brittney will be home for a couple of weeks starting tomorrow. She's all graduated and degreed and now all that's left is to get a job;-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And Another Thing....

So I'm still running out of daylight every day. Don't know how to make the days last longer.
This post will be lots of pictures. Again it's been too long between posts so there will be no apparent theme....
Oh, but did you all see this? I'm pretty excited about it:-)
Can't do anything about it but lookee what came in the mail yesterday. That there is 3 chocolate bars and a hand spun, hand knit scarf from my friend Elsiedeluxe. It is a beautiful scarf. Warm and lovely. The chocolate all had to be tasted. So I did that today. Pear with dark chocolate, Orange with dark chocolate and really really dark chocolate. All delicious. I didn't bring them home with me because I am on yet another weight loss program. This time I will lose the weight and I will learn how to keep it off. Determination. But the chocolate will be tasted periodically.
I got some new Polwarth top in a beigey whitish color and moorit. love. Also some new sparkley stuff there on the floor for the blending.
The Tsock Tsarina made me this little cutie from leftovers of her first handspun. She sits on my desk though she does like to hop off once in a while.
And a scarf that I think is beautiful. Woven with Louet Gems Merino yarn in a log cabin design. There's a class coming up at the shop for this design. It will cover lots of basic weaving techniques and at the end of two days you get to take home this beauteous scarf!
Oh and Briar Rose BFL is here. This is a crap picture of it but there are better ones in the webstore. I am so impressed with Chris Roosien's dyeing abilities. The stuff spins beautifully and you get those Briar Rose colors Chris has become famous for.
We took a quick trip to Pennsylvania to see my parents and Grnadmother last week. As usually my parents' house looks fantastic. This is the suspended tree in the stairwell.My mom has a handmade Santa collection and this is one of my favorites.
Of course there were the little hams. I have aobut 20 picturesof them posing in front of all the trees.
Before the trip there was that Abby class and as usual there was trashing of the shop. It was a huge mess that I was in no state to deal with right away. But the classes were great as always. I learned some new things aobut blends and had a load of fun with all the participants and the sleepover was CROWDED! But so fun.

Those are just soem cute things I have in the shop right now and I am having a hard time not taking them all home with me.
I gotta go to bed and I will do my best to get back on a more regular blogging schedule. Promise.