Monday, July 18, 2011

Corriedale - You Know You Like It!

I feel like I may not be as faithful as I should be.  I have been referred to as the Longwools Avenger.  It's because there were too many times where I heard Longwools being talked about as only good for carpet and I just had to jump in and defend its honor.  I have also been on a campaign to have people stop talking about Down Type wools such as Dorset and Suffolk as meat sheep when their wool is wonderful and has great properties that are useful for many items because of its bounce and durability and resistance to felting.

Well, today I'm going to talk about a wool that I think may be taken for granted and when people are looking for a wool to use for a sweater or shawl or scarf, this wool is overlooked because it's not so sexy as something a little finer or exotic.

Today it's all about the Corriedale.  Many people think of Corriedale as a medium wool.  Medium wool gets overlooked a lot I think because medium makes us think of average or not special.  I generally put Corriedale into the fine wools category because of the crimp pattern but it's micron count is usually on the edge of the medium wools.
I know it's impossible to know how great these yarns feel, how bouncy they are and how squooshy they are but see if you can see it.
All of these were flicked and spun in different ways from the lock.  The washing method did not keep the locks arranged so there was a bit more waste than I like  while getting them all lined up for flicking.

 Those two were spun exactly the same but the top is 3 ply and the bottom is 2 ply.
 This sample is spun woolen from the lock to make this very plump and soft yarn.
This one was spun from the fold after flicking.  It is a bit smoother and doesn't have as much of a halo as the other so the cable pattern really shows nicely.

These yarns would be great next to skin and would also wear very well. The staple length is generally between 4 and 7 inches and the locks on this particular fleece were about 5 inches which is a nice length to get the ends tucked in enough to avoid pilling without so much twist to make the wool wirey.

Seriously, Corriedale is a very friendly wool.  Try it.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Just for a moment

I just want to talk for a moment.  This has nothing to do with spinning or teaching or writing or my family.  It's all about me.

I have a problem.
I choose to do things that aren't good for me.
Not a lot of things.  The things I choose are always food things.
I'm not a skinny girl.  I never have been.  But it seems I can't stop growing.
Four years ago I lost 50 pounds in about 10 months by signing up for LA Weightloss.  it was good for me.  There were guidelines and I weighed in 3 times per week and met with a counselor.  I also talked to my sister almost every day.  sometimes I cried and sometimes I celebrated.

When I got to the point where I should have been learning how to stabilize LA Weightlosss closed their locations.  Within a year I had gained 30 pounds and now I am up 60 pounds from my lowest weight.

Here's the thing.  I know what I did to lose weight.  It was a balanced diet with 2 protein bars a day and less than 50 carbs.

Here's the other thing.  When I eat a high carb diet I feel bad. I feel sluggish and bloated and just gross.  When I have high protein and vegetables and keep my net carbs under 80 max I feel good.  There are other symptoms but I won't go into that here:-)

Also, we have diabetes in my family and I am worried about it.  I was diabetic with both of my last pregnancies.

So why oh why oh why don't I STOP?

Go to the movies - Popcorn and soda
home - kids are having ice cream and so am I
Shop - I forgot to pack my lunch and so it's fast food.

All bad things for someone who wants to control her sugar and also other bodily issues.
When I was losing weight I was shopping on a regular basis.  My lunch was packed for the shop every morning.  Most carbs were eaten in the morning along with a protein.

Now, I have begun and stopped doing this a ton of times over the past months.  Why don't I just stick with it? Why?
I'm really disappointing myself.
If  one of my kids were in this predicament, I would be encouraging them but also giving them the talk about hard work and how worth while things take time and doing a little each day really adds up.

Temptation is a terrible thing.

Tomorrow I am beginning again.
8 glasses of water per day
Less than 80 carbs
More vegetables
High Protein.
Tomorrow is a new day...again.

Monday, July 04, 2011


The wedding finally came.  I just wanted to share a few photos of the beautiful day.  How could I not?
 Ryan had his first shoe shine in honor of the occasion.  There were hair dos and special outfits and lots of excitement.
Brittney and mark were married in the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints.  It was a beautiful ceremony that I hope to remember forever.

 And here they come out of the temple as a very newly married couple.  

 Then there were lots of photos in front of the temple.

This is Mark's Family.
 The cake was so delicious.  The top layer was gluten free chocolate as my mom has celiac disease and avoids gluten.  The middle layer was red velvet and the bottom layer was chocolate/vanilla marble with a raspbery filling.  Yes, I had a little of each. Why do you ask?
 I was sparkly and Lousmith was adorable.
 My parents came all the way from Pennsylvania.

 All the girls looked gorgeous.

What can I say about my youngest child?

The new couple left the reception under an arch of sparklers.  They left today for a honeymoon in Canada...Victoria I believe.
 And this was a bike we saw parked outside of another reception we walked by in Salt Lake.  I just thought it was cute.

We got home last night and I have spent today lazing around.  Tomorrow it is back to work with new lists and  lots of hard work to get ready for the next things Like Jacey Boggs, Michigan Fiber Festival, Amy King and so on!