Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today is the last day, according to the weather man, of this miserable heat. Tomorrow it should be down to 85. Each summer when it is in the 90's for a few days I surprise myself by being happy for 85 to come again. I hate summer. I love winter. In the summer time there is a point at which you must stop removing clothing... Winter time is for sweaters and socks and quilts on the couch with hot chocolate while you watch the snow fall out the window and sometimes you watch your husband shoveling because he love you. Winter is love.

Penny is so hot she just lays around playing flat dog all day. I try to keep the kids in the living room where we just got a window air conditioner a couple of days ago. I don't get to stay in there because they are constantly asking for food or snacks. Into the kitchen I go because they are convinced they are starving to death. That is where I'm headed now. Waffles for breakfast.

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Knitty_Prof said...

Ah, yes, winter is love! Thanks for the reminder that it will come back again - on these hot summer days. I love winter.