Thursday, April 02, 2009


It was our first trip to Ikea. I was excited!
There was so much to see and lots of things to dream about. This was Chelsea's dream bedroom.
We walked through the whole store and when we were done making our list it was time for lunch!
We both chose the delicious Swedish meatballs. I went with the macaroni and cheese and Chelsea had the mashed taters.
We even had some delicious fizzy juices.

We had a cart with 30 banana fiber baskets.
The bottom right corner of that sign says "not actual size". It made us both giggle.

We had 2 full carts.
Will it fit?
I went back in to buy tie down straps.
We got it all in. It was like a little vacation...until we had to load the car. But we have lots of new ideas for shop shelving now and I found some cute little chairs to get next time we go back. Tomorrow is assembly day and the moving of the Wall O' Fleece. Our goal is to make it more manageable and easier to find fleece types. It'll help Chelsea and it'll help those who are looking for specific breeds. Yay! Photos after it's all rearranged.
When we got home I made some chili for dinner and then we headed off to the salon.
Here's my new hair. It's a lot blonder than it looks in this photo. And it feels like spring.


Amy Boogie said...

Sexy hair!!!

Banana fiber boxes? I thought you just needed shelves?

Lauren said...

Look how cute your new hair is!

Faina said...

Banana fiber, banana fiber, banana fiber, lalalalala
Do we spin bananas now?

I will mess up your new sexy haido on Monday! At least I hope!

janel said...

oh, very SASSY! I like the new "do" and it's still reddish so I think your true nature is still shining through, because you are definitely a redhead girl!

mmmm... meatballs. Russell and I go to Ikea just for lunch sometimes. We're lucky we have one only 15 minutes from where we live in LA, but when we move to Oregon it will be a 2 hour drive to visit our favorite assemble-it-yourself place.

I didn't see any shiny bowls, cute glassware or inexplicable plastic stuff in your basket? Did you skip the housewares? I always manage to buy bunches of $3 rugs and cheese graters when I go there.

I like that you're reorganizing the wall o' fleece. Can't wait to see the pics!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the new and improved Wall of Fleece. Shearing season is finally hear. :)

Tearz said...

Awesome hair Beth! I can't wait to see it. Cute blog. Love it. You are so spunky its great! Ikea is such a fun place, hugh?! Good thing its in Canton or I would be broke all the time~ Take care

Denny knows that Ikea is swedish for " hard to put together" said...

I'm not aloud to shop at Ikea any more. I'm on a Ikea 12 step program.

Once I fell off the wagon and went to the Ikea and spent 72.00$$.......on cup hooks.
yup $72.00 on cup hooks. I've been on the wagon ever since.

rats said...

" Hard to put together"

Denny, Canadian for "dumbass" said...

allowed not aloud. sheesh

Deborah Robson said...

The nearest Ikea is about 1,000 miles from us. I have been known to hit Ikeas by airports and pay excess baggage to get things home. Last year I went to Maryland Sheep & Wool and made an Ikea excursion and filled my suitcase with cheap-effective bookends (padded with fiber). Reorganizing the Wall of Fleece has got to be a wonderful welcome to spring. Wish I could see it.

Mickey said...

Great hair and you survived the trip to ikea.we have two in our area (Chicago) and you find yourself calling the people you went shopping with to find them in the store. Huge place.

Ezara said...

The new hair is very flattering, I love the new color!

The new Wall-O-Fleece looks amazing!