Friday, July 04, 2008


This blog post is dedicated to my girlfriends Jillian and Carla and all of you others who love the Ikea.

And this little ditty.

I promise a post with photos of project progress this week!


denny likes meat balls said...

your such a crazy, I love you

Did you know I am on an Ikea 12 step program..

I get better all the time. One time I went and only spent 76$. on cup hooks. See. I needed help.

shut up denny said...

hey in the back row, don't judge me. They are really nice cup hooks.

Kat who is glad to be a virgin of something... said...

I will never look at World of Warcraft the same....

I guess I am going to have to actually visit an Ikea store now.

Yes... I am an Ikea virgin!

CJ said...

How do you find these things? They are both hysterical and doubly so because my son just helped me with my new bookshelf today. It's lovely and exactly what I needed.