Monday, September 22, 2008

It's finished...

I've been having a hard time lately. Did you know that kids can kill you? Well, I'm fighting to stay alive and I fight by spinning and knitting. Calms my nerves. So there's a little closeup of the edging with the beautiful Sworavski crystals I found that look fantastic on it.
This is the shawl I began spinning at the beginning of the summer. Four different batt blends from Abby all in one shawl. The fibers are all different and the textres change from the neck of the shawl to the edging. But I love it.
These colors are more accurate, believe it or not. I love this shawl and shall be wearing it a lot. Now to decide whether to wear it at SOAR or put it in the gallery. Plus, can anybody help me name it? I want to add it to my Ravelry projects but it doesn't have name.

I also want to post here in case anyone has missed the notices or the website that the Shop will be closed on Saturday October 4th. Also, any webstore orders placed while I am at SOAR (between October 1st and 13th) will be shipped on the week of October 14th.

Also, keep your eyes open for the returning and improved Spindlicity on Ocotber 1st at

Sunday, September 07, 2008

It has been some busy few weeks. Sorry, I haven't even had time to fill you in cause when it's time to sit down then I just want to stare at the TV and not think about anything.

But I can tell you about yesterday.
This is my friend Kathy Rowe. She and my other friend Kathy Kolenda do natural dyeing. The most beautiful colors ever. And they have an Etsy shop where they sell their dyed yarn. I also stock their laceweights if you want to see the colors in person.

So they came to teach us about natural dyeing with 4 different plants including Marigold, Sumac...and I can't remember the others. The shawl was made by Sherri from Fourth Coast Fibers yarn. Lovely.
K. This is a mitten that Sherri made for her husband for hunting. Hadda have a photo of that.
So look at this beautiful Indigo pot. I never got a photo of Marilyn but she sat herself down by the Indigo and mostly didn't move all day. It's her favorite thing to do...besides Leon (that's what she named her spinning wheel and their relationship is a little too close for my comfort.)

Beautiful yarns. I love how dyeing looks but....don;t consider myself much of a dyer beyond the occasional Kool Aid and Easter Egg stuff.
The other Kathy at the pot.
Jeri and yet another Cathy...but spelled different.
I threw a little top in the pot. The brownish one is sumack, the two blues were just in indigo and the green went from sumack to indigo. I still have the rovings from the last class and I have plans to put them all in one project.
And this has nothing to do with the class but it was dyed by Amy at Spunky Eclectic. It's Lincoln. I'm going to leave it as a singles. It is a course wool and very heavy. Haven't decided what to do with it yet...maybe an inkle band. Look. Shiny.

So SOAR is in less than a month and the fall promises to be even busier. The webstore is coming along beautifully and I need a nap.